How To Organize Your Car Hauler For Your Camping Trip

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Renting a trailer to use for a camping trip is becoming more and more popular. Buying a trailer that you will only use a handful of times each year can be costly. If you rent a trailer, you will need to figure out how to fit your belongings inside where you will be able to access them easily. Since you do not own the trailer, it is a bit more involved, as you can not leave things inside permanently, and you cannot alter the interior. Here are some ways that you can use to organize your belongings when going on a camping trip.

Utilize The Space In Your Vehicle

You should keep items that you will not be needing inside the trailer, inside your vehicle. If you have things such as inflatable rafts, inner tubes for river fun, skis if you are camping during the winter, or any other sporting or water equipment, leave them in your vehicle out of the way of your living space.

Kitchen Items

When organizing your kitchen items, use bins to keep like items together. Use one bin for wraps such as aluminum foil and plastic wrap and use another bin for spices. You can set the bins out on the counter top so that you can see what you have available to use. Purchase small plastic drawers to hold your utensils. This will save you the time of unpacking them to place into drawers. You can just set it on the counter and go. You could also swap out bins for small baskets, if you would rather.

Bathroom Items

Get an over the door shoe organizer to place your grooming items in the bathroom. You would be able to see what you have without having to sift through a bag or container. Each person could have their own individual pouches to keep their things an arm's length away.

Bedroom Items

Use garbage bags to bring your bedding to and from the trailer. You can also use these if you need to go to a laundromat to wash your bedding while you are on your trip. Label each garbage bag with a piece of masking tape with the name of the person that owns the bedding so that when you pack your items at the end of the trip, you will not forget anyone's materials. Each person will be in charge of their own bag.

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26 November 2014