To Flush Or Not To Flush? 4 Reasons To Flush Your Transmission Today

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How often to flush your transmission is debated. Even though the majority of vehicle manuals recommend that you change your transmission fluid as often as you change your oil, many car owners don't think it's necessary that often. In fact, some people don't have their transmission flushed more than once every couple of years. No matter how often you have or have not flushed your transmission in the past, you should be aware of how important regular service is.

It's getting hot in here

It gets hot under the hood of your car, whether you're driving a beat-up old pickup or a swank new sedan. As you drive, your transmission fluid gets hot as well, and the heat causes the fluid to break down over time. When it breaks down, it doesn't work as well to protect your transmission. When it comes down to it, would you rather foot the bill for a new transmission or a transmission flush? 

Grime and gunk are building up

Another issue that occurs when you don't flush your transmission on a fairly regular basis is gunk buildup. As the fluid breaks down, a thick sludge builds up, and that can cause some serious issues with your transmission. Sludge buildup can wreck havoc by clogging and gumming up your transmission gears. A regular flush is the best way to avoid this costly problem.

You've sprung a leak

If you don't check your transmission fluid level or have it checked, you could be in for a big surprise. It isn't uncommon for the seals around your transmission to leak. If you've sprung a leak and don't know it, you're going to be driving with low or no fluid. That could easily result a ruined transmission in a very short period of time. Having your transmission flushed on a regular basis allows your auto mechanic to check the seals and catch leaks before they cause bigger problems.

That's definitely not normal

If you don't know what color your transmission fluid is supposed to be, you aren't alone. When you go outside after reading this to check the color, make sure it's bright red. Black, muddy, even dark red fluid isn't okay. Your fluid should also have a somewhat sweet smell to it. No, it won't smell like roses, but it shouldn't smell like a garbage bin or something worse. If it's been a while since your last transmission flush and you're dreading what you're going to find, just hop in the car and take it for an oil change and quick flush. Better late than too late. 

Your vehicle isn't just a way to get from point A to point B. It transports precious cargo: you and your loved ones. Take good care of it and it will last longer, be safer, and give you piece of mind, knowing that you'll get home safely each day. If you think your car needs a transmission flush, talk to a company like Monroe Transmissions soon.


26 November 2014