3 Questions To Ask Class B RV Dealers

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If you cannot decide whether your next vehicle should be a van or a camper, it is time to talk to your local Class B RV dealer to see about getting the best of both worlds. Specifically, a Class B RV starts life out as 3/4 or 1 ton conversion van and then it is modified to provide living amenities. Its features include a sleeping area, space for cooking and cleaning up meals and in some units, bathroom facilities.

Class B recreational vehicles are usually the least expensive option for RV enthusiasts, but there are several questions that you should ask the dealer before committing to your new home on wheels:

What Kind of Gas Mileage Should You Expect?

As mentioned previously, due to the size of Class B RV's, they are usually the most fuel-efficient option out of all the different recreational vehicles available today. Unfortunately, that still does not mean it will be cheap to drive and the additional weight of passengers, belongings and custom furniture in the RV can lessen it even more.

Therefore, it is important to regularly consider whether you actually need the additional treasures that you are tempted to buy while on the road, as even small items add up and can lower your miles per gallon. In addition, class B RV dealers may also be able to show you the lightest weight appliances and furniture for your RV. 

How Can You Make the Best Use of Your New Toy?

It is a good idea to remember that as technology and innovations have developed in the last few years, you now have a surprising number of storage and usage options for your  RV. For example, a slide out has become increasingly popular in recent years and can provide a larger living space for everyone in your family, when it opens. 

You are probably familiar with the slide outs found in larger RVs and the theory remains the same for their use in a Class B unit. One important thing to remember when selecting your slide out is that it extends out when you are parked and provides more space for everyone to spread out.

It may not necessarily increase the amount of sleeping space, unless you get creative with stored mattresses that are then placed in the expanded area when you stop for the night. Slide outs can be used in the bedroom, kitchen or living room space

In conclusion, when you are ready to hit the road, whether it is for a weekend, a season or until you have seen as much of the world as you can drive to, planning ahead for both essential and non-essential items can often impact how much you enjoy traveling.  For more help, contact a company like Fretz RV to learn more.


5 December 2014