Managing Your Vehicle Through Excellent Transmission Repair

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To always take good care of your car and make it last for years, one of the best things you can do is look after the transmission. The transmission in your vehicle bears a heavy burden, in that it is the part responsible for making your vehicle switch gears. You switch gears so that your car can exert the right amount of power and pressure, based upon your speed of travel. This keeps your engine and all other parts from wearing out and helps your car maintain level speeds. If you want to keep this happy balance throughout your vehicle, follow some of these tips for taking good care of the vehicle transmission. 

#1: Learn To Check Your Transmission Fluid Consistency And Quality

The transmission fluid inside of the transmission must stay clean and viscous in order to keep the part in working condition. Importance of this fluid can't be overstated, since the transmission must move swiftly and regularly in order to operate. Consider the following steps to look after your transmission fluid quality:

  1. Start your car and let it sit idle until the engine is heated. 
  2. Pull up the hood and find the transmission stick, located inside of the transmission, near the front of the engine. 
  3. Look at the fluid that you see laying across the transmission stick. If the color of fluid that you see is reddish pink, it is clean and in quality condition. If the fluid is brown and burnt, or black, you will need to get it drained and changed by a transmission repair shop. 

#2: Learn To Check The Level Of The Fluid

Checking fluid levels will make sure that you are not experiencing a leak in transmission. Since the transmission is sealed, fluid should never get low or burnt out. After checking fluid quality and color, follow these tips to check the fluid levels:

  1. Wipe off your transmission stick with a towel. 
  2. Place the transmission stick all the way back inside the transmission, then pull it out again. 
  3. Measure the fluid levels. The transmission has arrows that tell you when you have the right amount of fluid. If your transmission fluid measures lower than these levels, you likely have a leak and need to hire a shop to pinpoint and fix the issue. 

#3: Take Your Vehicle To A Transmission Repair Shop For Routine Service

You should let an auto shop check your transmission periodically, rather than waiting for problems like slipping gears and delayed vehicle movement. You should get your transmission fluid flushed and transmission inspected every 30,000 miles or so for the absolute best results. Taking your transmission in for routine service will greatly prolong its lifespan. 

Follow these tips so that your transmission and your vehicle perform well for you for years. 


17 March 2015