Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Car!

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Your car has been through a lot over the winter. Now that spring is approaching, are you planning to do a good spring cleaning and maintenance check of your car? Your car takes a beating inside and out during the harsh winter season. Do you know what it takes to keep your car looking great even though it has been through such abuse? Here, you will learn how to give your car the spring attention it needs.

Beautify the Body

The body of your car has been frozen, thawed and beaten with rock salt and ice for the last several months. Now that the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming, it is time to beautify the body of your car to its pre-winter shine.

Washing the car after the final snow is an obvious necessity, but many people neglect one area of the outside of the car that must be given attention – the undercarriage. To get the undercarriage of the car clean, you will have few options but to take it to your local car wash and pay for an undercarriage wash. To avoid going to the car wash, you must have a lift or a good set of floor jacks to hoist your car up in the air, and then a pressure washer to blast the road salt off of the undercarriage.

As you wash your car, pay close attention to the finish of the paint. Look for any bubbles that may be forming. These bubbles are likely rust forming from underneath the paint. If you find any areas with bubbles, contact your local body shop to have it repaired immediately. The longer you allow those bubbles to remain, the more rust damage your car will have.

Detail the Interior

The areas of the interior of your car to take the most abuse during the winter are the floor mats, door hinges and door sills.

To clean the salt and mud off of the floor mats, remove them from your car, pressure wash them and allow them to dry. If stains persist, use a carpet stain removing cleaner to treat and scrub the stains. Let the mats dry and then replace them in your car.

The door hinges tend to get sprinkled with snow each time you open your car door when there is snow on it. Because of this, the lubricant that keeps the hinges in good condition and working smoothly may not be as effective. Take a minute to lubricate the hinges with lithium grease.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the door sills. Inspect the rubber seals around the doors to ensure they are in good condition. If you notice cracks in the rubber, replace the seals to prevent water from entering your car.

Following these steps each year will help get the winter grime off of your car inside and out, and help reduce corrosion damage on the exterior. It can take some work, but the rewards are well worth the efforts. Talk to experts like Brach's Auto Center Inc. for more information.


2 April 2015