Starting Your Own Flea Market Vendor Business

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If you have accumulated a bunch of items over the years, and you are the type of person who enjoys finding bargains to resell, you may want to consider starting your own flea market vendor business. Many people enjoy the thrill of making money simply by reselling items they find at other sales. Here are a few tips you can use to get yourself started on an exciting new venture in the flea market business.

Purchase A Drop Trailer

Having something to haul around your items is necessary to have a successful business. Instead of cluttering up your vehicle with old items, consider buying a drop trailer to use exclusively for your salable items. Drop trailers are easy to load simply by walking inside and placing your items in the enclosure to haul. 

You will enjoy the benefit of not needing to pack and unpack each time you head out on the highway to sell. Your wares will stay safely housed in a weatherproof enclosure and you will be able to lock them up when you are not nearby to watch over them. You will also be able to bring your own tables to the flea markets, possibly saving you an additional fee.

Grab Some Interesting Pieces

In order to grab the attention of potential buyers, it is important to have a few key pieces on your tables for sale when you are in a flea market environment. Go to local auctions or estate sales and look for a few unique items that stand out from the rest. These will help get people interested in your spot when you are at a flea market. Look for items that are bright, bold, or off the beaten track. Anything whimsical or old but useful might help boost your overall sales. If you find it interesting, chances are someone else will, as well.

Load Up Your Trailer

As you find new pieces to sell, place them inside your drop trailer to haul to your next flea market. Make sure to place antiques in boxes with packing peanuts inside to help cushion the items as you transport them. Place your most important items near the door of the trailer so they can be easily found and not forgotten when it is time to set up your table. Make sure to leave a little space near the door in case you happen to come across a great find while driving around. You can simply toss it into your trailer to include in your next sale.

Personalize Your Trailer

Once you have loaded your trailer with enough merchandise, you will be ready to get out there to sell. Paint your new drop trailer in a solid color that pleases you and use a lettering stencil to paint your name and phone number on the sides of the enclosure in a contrasting color. After a while, if you start selling at flea markets that are held weekly or monthly, people who frequent them regularly will look for your trailer to give you repeat business. 

You may also make sales on the side if someone was unsure about an item at a flea market, but decides later they would like to purchase it from you. Make up some business cards to match your trailer sign and you will be sure to drum up business in no time.

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27 May 2015