Three Reasons To Consider Tire Replacement Over Canned Flat-Tire Repair Products


When you own a car, a flat tire is an inevitability. Nails and other sharp hazards can cause pinhole leaks that you won't even notice until they have left your tire deflated. If you're staring down at a tire that's flat as a pancake, you'll need to think about your repair options. Whether you are considering a single-use repair product to do the job yourself or a local mobile mechanic to replace the problem tire, there are a few things you need to know. Here are a few reasons to reach out to your local tire shop instead of using a canned flat tire repair product.

Lasting Solution

Flat tire repair products are designed as short-term solutions to emergency situations. Using them for prolonged driving beyond just the trip to the tire shop puts you at risk of a tire blowout or accident. Replacing the tire is a lasting solution to a puncture or other damage. You won't have to risk the wear and tear on the tire causing more damage in the near future.

Tread Wear Consistency

The way canned tire repair products work is through centrifugal force. The force pushes the chemicals around the inside of your tire, filling in the hole in the process. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee an even distribution of that chemical inside the tire, which may cause a balance issue. This can lead to uneven tread wear on your tire and poor handling. If you opt for new tires instead, you'll maintain the consistency of your tire tread wear and preserve the integrity of your car's handling.

Protecting the Tire and the Pressure Monitoring System

Canned tire repair products rely on a chemical component that seals holes by adhering to the inside surface of the rubber in the tire. To adhere correctly, that chemical has to weaken the rubber's structural integrity. This may cause corrosion in the rubber, which can threaten the structural stability of the tire from the inside out.

Additionally, the repair chemical can seal the hole that your tire pressure monitoring system uses to monitor the pressure in your tire. This can disable the monitoring system. Replacing the tire ensures that the sensors are intact and in good shape, protecting you in the future by letting you know if the tire pressure drops.

Although a canned flat tire repair product may get you back on the road in a hurry, it can do more damage than good in some cars. With the information presented here, you can understand why it may be better to reach out to your local tire shop, like Jensen Tire & Auto, for new tires instead.


3 September 2015