Did You Back Insto Something But You Don't Want To Make An Isnurance Claim?

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You backed into something and the damage done to your vehicle isn't enough that you want to make a claim on your insurance, but you don't have a lot of extra cash to fix the damages. There are some ways you can try to save money. You don't want to pay top price for labor or parts.

Instead, you want to avoid paying for brand new parts, or paying for the parts plus a markup cost at a local auto shop. You also should avoid the large auto shops in general. Here are a few things to consider.

Junk Yard

If you need body parts, a junk yard is a great place to start looking. You could find the part you need even in the same color as your car, at a junk yard for a far lower cost than what it would cost to get it new. If you find someone that does paint work you may get them to paint the part for you if needed, and then find a mechanic who works out of their home to put the part on the vehicle for you. You can also find a lot of mechanical parts at a junk yard.

Used Part Online Sites

There are several websites for you to find local parts that you need, or that you can order online to have shipped to you. These are used parts that others don't need, and you'll need to find someone that can put them on your car for you. If you aren't buying locally, make sure you use your credit card to buy the parts in case you need to dispute an order.

Local Mechanic

If you can find a certified mechanic that does auto work out of his garage or his own small shop, instead of a local commercial chain, you should be able to save money. The local mechanic doesn't have all the overhead and commercial costs that the larger companies have, so they should offer lower prices.

If you can save on both the cost of the parts and the work, it's going to make it easier to not make a claim on your insurance, and you should be able to pay for everything on your own. The mechanic can look at the used parts to tell you if they are high quality, and give you a list of the parts that you need when you get an estimate. For more information on used parts, talk to a professional like Four-Twenty-Two Auto Wrecking.


14 January 2016