Taking A Closer Look At Sneaky Signs Of Bad Spark Plugs And Wires

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The engine has many small components that make it fully function, and spark plugs and wires are easily some of the most important. The spark plugs create an electrical spark that is carried through the wires, which is then converted into power through a combustion process. If either the plugs or wires are failing, there is no doubt that you will notice that something is not quite right with your engine. Here are a few sneaky signs of bad spark plugs and wires that every vehicle owner needs to be aware of so they can address the problem quickly if one comes up.

Cutting Out During Acceleration - You stop at a light or a stop sign and just when you push the gas pedal to accelerate, the engine tries to cut out. Unfortunately, this is a telltale sign that you have bad spark plugs and wires and this can actually be dangerous. If the wires and plugs are bad enough, your engine may stall out completely and die, which may leave you stranded in the middle of the road after pulling from a stopped position. Therefore, it is best to have the spark plugs and wires checked with even one instance of sputtering acceleration.

Unexpected Surges in Power - More relative to faulty plug wires than the plugs themselves, surges in power at weird points in engine operation often get blamed on things like the fuel lines or fuel control systems. However, if a plug wire is delivering too much power or more than one spark at a time to the pistons, it will create a surge in power as well. If you experience a sudden surge while you are driving at a steady speed, be sure you visit an auto repair shop for a proper diagnosis.

Idling Inconsistently - When you are sitting still with your vehicle at an idle, it should be running smoothly thanks to the concurrent and even distribution of the necessary electric power provided by plugs and wires. However, if the plugs and wires are bad enough, the car will not idle smoothly at all. In fact, it may even cut off without supplying continuous gas.

The bottom line is, your spark plugs and wires serve a crucial role in engine operation and must be maintained to remain effective. If you believe you are having issues with faulty plugs or plug wires, be sure to stop in and see an auto repair mechanic for a proper diagnosis. To find out more, contact a business like DiNardo Foreign Motors.


16 November 2015